Condividiamo una parte dell’articolo di NucNet sulla nostra ultima giornata studio, l’evento del 20 Dicembre a Roma.


Italy needs to develop a national energy policy that includes restarting its nuclear power programme as it seeks to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and imports from Russia […] Italy is the second largest net importer of electricity in the world, Mr Minopoli said. […] “Italian industry and academia are already there, but autonomously, without the political support of the state, which is massive in other countries,” Mr Minopoli said. His call was backed by Antonio Gozzi, president of the iron and steel industry group Federacciai, who said “industry needs a long-term policy which takes into account all low-carbon technologies”.

Vannia Gava, vice-minister of the environment and energy security, told the conference […] “a competitive energy mix can’t be influenced by ideologies”.
Giulia Pastorella an MP and vice-president of the liberal political party Azione, said a neutral, science-based debate is needed to reform the country’s energy mix, but political support is not sufficient. She said public support for nuclear is essential and information campaigns are needed.

In September 2021, opinion polls in Italy suggested that […] support was growing for the deployment of advanced nuclear technologies including SMRs.
Roberto Adinolfi, president of Italy-based nuclear technology company Ansaldo Nucleare, said that […] “the Italian nuclear supply chain is among the most important in Europe, it is highly competitive and it’s taking part in several European and international projects” [including] the €20bn Iter nuclear fusion plant under construction at Cadarache in southern France, the Athena experimental test facility in Romania and the Divertor Tokamak Test facility near Rome.
Several critical components and safety systems for nuclear power stations are produced and assembled in Italy, including those for Westinghouse’s AP1000 plants, Luca Oriani, senior vice-president of engineering services at Westinghouse said. […]


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